Holiday Recipes

  ‘Tis the season for holiday parties and potlucks. What better way to celebrate than to dish up a little local history with your meal? Below are some seasonally appropriate recipes taken from the Elizabeth Gilmour recipe book started in 1908. The recipes are written exactly as they appear in her handwriting, but there are … More Holiday Recipes

Fall Desserts

I’m sure many of you are looking for some ideas to help use up the glut of apples you are finding yourself surrounded by this time of year. Why not try a Dorset Apple Cake? This recipe is from Libbie Gilmour’s cookbook, started in the mid 1910s. It is a collection of recipes from family, … More Fall Desserts

Presentation Time!

On September 21st we were honored to present to the History Forum at the Museum of Art and History. We told an audience of around 50 people about our project so far, the grants that we have applied for, and our next steps. You can view the presentation here. If you are interested in hearing … More Presentation Time!

Food History: When Research Paths Diverge

Researching food history does not often land you on particularly well-worn paths. For much of the history of historical inquiry, the topic of food was relegated to the category of daily existence and rarely considered as a valid or robust subject. However, we do often see that history records food as a commodity—as it was moved or traded—but those were … More Food History: When Research Paths Diverge