Introducing the Artists

As we begin to move from researching history to creating a physical document, we found ourselves in need of some extra help. Lucky for us, Santa Cruz is a county ripe with talented individuals excited to help on a project such as ours. And, thanks to a generous grant by the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County, we were able to offer them small stipends as a thank you for their efforts.

We are very pleased to introduce the three people who will help us turn our story, currently living as a manuscript in a dull Google Doc, into a vibrant book that is so beautiful you would want to read it if it wasn’t interesting or well written (which it is!):

Matt Farrar of Ignition Designs is designing our cover. We told him we wanted something “art nouveau meets 1930’s fruit crate label” and shared a pinterist board with around 100 other book covers, posters, labels and other random items that we liked in a wide variety of styles. He said “oh yeah, I understand.” We’ve seen a sneak peak of his work on the cover and it is positively gorgeous.

Matt Farrar from Ignition Designs

Sarah Ory will be doing the internal images. The book will have some photographs, but will also have lovely pen and ink drawings of the crops, and even some of the recipes, that Sarah will be creating.

Sarah Ory
Drawings by Sarah Ory

Sarah Watters from Watters Design will be doing the layout work, which is possibly the hardest job of all! She will be taking 100 pages on text written on standard paper, double spaced, no embellishments, and putting it into a 6″ x 9″ format that looks and feels like any other book. Will there be blank pages? What is the perfect size for the pictures to be? What about the pen and ink drawings? What font will the text be? These are all questions that we don’t need to answer, because we have Sarah.

Layout example done by Sarah Watters

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