Telling the Story of Telling the Story

Final read through of the draft

The objective of the Santa Cruz Heritage Food Project is “telling the story of local food”. But throughout the last four years, this blog has become a venue to tell the adventures of amateur historians with full-time jobs, families, and social lives, trying to write an amazing book. We wrote about starting in the archives, finding old cookbooks, discovering the fascinating histories of local foods, and testing some brilliant and bizarre recipes. This has been our opportunity to tell the story of telling the story.

This post will serve as a status update of what we have been doing since we submitted the draft of the book to close out the Dolkas award.  Consider this the adventures of amateur authors working on publishing and marketing a book, with no direct experience and even less free time.

Firstly, we took our draft and had it edited by some very talented friends. We also brought the talented Elizabeth Hodges on board to help us wrap up a couple chapters. After a few months of revisions and additional research, it was time for our final read through. After two, 3 ½ hour-long reading and editing sessions, we were ready for some outside professionals to take a look.

We took the draft to the intrepid writers/editors/researchers at the Publications Committee at the Museum of Art and History. They have offered to review and edit the draft for us. We are also in discussions with them about publishing the book through the Committee when it is ready.

We are also working on an application right now for a grant through the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County. We want to be able to provide support to local artists through designing the cover and the internal art. The grant can also help with events!

As we were researching, we were often distracted by talk of fun food/art/history events we could throw once the book was complete. Then we would have to stop ourselves and remember that we needed to finish writing the book first. Now that things are moving forward, we can start thinking about book signings and where we can hold them. For example, the Agricultural History Project has a living history farm which includes many of the crops featured in our research. We are also planning to partner with the Curated Feast on some Heritage Dinners.

So there you have it! Keep checking the blog for updates. We will also be posting recipes we’ve encountered during our research on a regular basis.



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