Heritage Food in the Modern Age

We had an exciting meeting with Julia Gaudinski of Mobile Ranger yesterday. Mobile Ranger is the free app that everyone in Santa Cruz should be downloading. Mobile Ranger is “connecting people to places” with historical walking tours of the Riverfront, West Cliff, Downtown and more.

In our quest to share the fun and fascinating stories of Santa Cruz’ food history, we realized that we had to get to know Julia. From the beginning of the Project, we have wanted an app that can lead both visitors and locals around the county looking through the lens of food history. An app like this could lead you to Holy Cross Church to imagine a beer garden there, or to the 17th Avenue Studios to learn about the bustling activity of a former farmer’s co-operative.

We are one step closer to that vision after an enthusiastic meeting with Julia at Midtown Cafe on Saturday (fried egg, kale and polenta? Yes, please!). We hope to partner on an pilot project to promote Mobile Ranger and the Santa Cruz Heritage Food Project, stay tuned for more in the coming months!

The Heritagistas


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