History: Part of a Balanced Diet

Hi, out there! In addition to research and writing we have been busy with a couple of fun projects.

With designer Sarah Stoner-Duncan, we finalized our logo. We wanted something that illustrated our philosophy of appreciating history via the tastes of the past. We believe consuming history is part of a balanced diet! We think this says it all, what do you think?


We are also been invited to participate in this month’ s 3rd Friday Festival at the Museum of Art and History (MAH)! The theme this month is Growth, and we think our stories of food production and innovation fit right in. With help from Slow Food Santa Cruz and The Curated Feast we will design a gorgeous community dinner table installation where you can interact with the stories of characters from Santa Cruz county’s delicious past. We will also be collecting your heritage recipes that include one of the following crops as an ingredient: Wheat, potatoes, wine grapes, sugar beets (special thank you if we actually get a sugar beet recipe!), apples, berries, dairy and ice cream, hops, artichokes, Brussels sprouts, Pismo Clams, and eggs.

So come on out with your recipes or just say hello, August 21st from 5 to 8, at 705 Front Street, Santa Cruz.


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