If you are reading this post today, you probably saw the wonderful article by Donna Jones in the Santa Cruz Sentinel on October 27th. If not, click here to read the article. We are honored to hear that people are interested in what we are doing.

First let us just say thank you!

Thank you for taking an interest in our project. Thank you for visiting our blog. We sincerely hope that our project makes people happy and brings inspiration to others as both researchers, foodies, and a part of the story of food in Santa Cruz County!

In the article we mention that we want to hear your stories, want to see your recipes, want to view your family pictures. If your family has been connected to any of the foods we are studying, please share with us so we can help tell the story.

Remember, anyone who grows food here, buys local food here, eats locally grown food and who values the history that makes Santa Cruz special is part of the story of local food.

We are so happy to be a small part of this story.

— Sierra Perry Ryan


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