Growing the Team

Preparing for interviews and reporting on our chapter progress.
Preparing for interviews and reporting on our chapter progress.

Sierra and I are happy to have four researcher/writers join our project after the buzz from the Sentinel article.  We spent a rainy afternoon meeting and discussing our progress on the berry, poultry, seafood and hop chapters. Expanding our team has expanded our energy and we are  so excited to accelerate the completion deadline – many hands makes light work!

Joining us we have Liz Birnbaum, Katie Lang, Stephanie Haas, and Jenni Veitch-Olsen. Liz has researched and curated several food exhibits, including “Lend Me Your Ears” on now at the Art Object Gallery in San Jose. Katie participated on the Board of Slow Food Santa Cruz, and as a native Santa Cruzan has many local connections to share with the Project. Stephanie, an avid home brewer, canner and blogger also sits on the Slow Food Santa Cruz Board. Jenni has graduate level training and university experience in cultural history, is no stranger to archives, public records, historical societies, and brings interviewing experience to the Project.

We are so thrilled to build a solid team with technical skills and personal passion, to move this project forward and create a product that will entertain and benefit our community.

– Jody Biergiel Colclough

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